Who are we?

We’re ranchers, just like you!

We are a fourth-generation ranching family from North Texas, just a few miles from the Oklahoma border.

For over 30 years, we’ve weathered harsh winters, crippling droughts, and the continuous rise and fall of sometimes fickle markets. We know, first hand, how important it is to our bottom line to have timely and accurate information to make decisions regarding our operation. That’s why we created Herd Connect. Long gone are the days of our parents and grandparents where a few hand-recorded notes were all that was needed to make major operational decisions.

While you can’t guarantee market prices, with HERD CONNECT you can guarantee you’ll have the tools to track your herd from pasture to payday.

We did our homework…

We’ve taken a lot of time to make sure the system is equipped to capture comprehensive information and tracking for each animal. But just developing a livestock management system, and hoping folks could adapt it to their operation, wasn’t enough. We also enlisted the help of many other ranchers and cattle experts to examine our program and make sure it meets the needs of a broad range of ranching operations, both big and small.

Easy to Customize

We want you to make Herd Connect your own. Add your ranch, pastures, livestock, inventory and more.

  • Simple user interface
  • Upload settlement sheets
  • Step-by-step set-up instructions

Simple Design

Quickly access information that can impact your bottom line. Easily update and customize Herd Connect to meet your needs and streamline your operations.

Pricing Plans

We’re so confident that you’ll want Herd Connect as your management partner, we’re offering you a 45 day free trial. Simply click here to get started.

45 day free access!

Try Herd Connect for free. Get a 45 day no cost trial today. It’s so easy to get started, we’ll guide you every step of the way!

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